Farewell NCBIS.

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I will not be using this blog from now on but for those who know Mr. Upton, he will be updating it.


Year 13

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Exam forecast 2012

There are only two previous examination papers so nothing can really be sacrificed, (Ed!). However, Ms. Birch and I have discussed the possibilities for your paper and offered a few suggestions. Good luck to all.




Year 11

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For those students wondering what may come up on your examination, read through the following document. Ms. Birch and I recommend that nothing is sacrificed as there is obviously no pattern to what Edexcel include each year. However, we advise that you spend more time on the topic areas in the June 2012 column.

International Relations examination forecast

Best of luck and a reminder that you can do a mock periods 7 and 8 this Wednesday in my room. Year 10 are also preparing for examinations so five of them will be in the classroom. Furthermore, Thursday 14th June is available to you to revise in school. Either Ms. Birch or myself will be available to answer questions and offer guidance.



Year 8 Revision

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1. There will be a section on the keywords you have learned this year. All are on the Year 8 keywords page.

2. You must learn the causes of the French Revolution. You will find resources on the Year 8 page and the textbook which you were given.

3. You will be asked a question on source analysis. We will practise this during the revision lesson.

4. You will be asked about the Estate System. This is found in the textbook.

5. You will be asked to explain how one of the important historical figures that we have studied this year has changed their respective country or society. These figures will be found in your textbook or in previous assessments.

6. For Mr. Gagan’s class only; you will be asked to write a short essay on the Battle of Waterloo. Use your essay to revise for this.

7. and finally, you will be asked more questions about how to analyse a source.

Good luck.

Year 9 revision

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1. Keywords – they are on the Year 9 keywords page.

2. Questions and answers on Germany 1918-39.

These will be taken from the Longman ‘The Twentieth Century World’ Year 9 textbook. I will hand out photocopies of the pages needed for all students. There will be 15 questions worth 20 marks.

3. You will be asked to analyse a source. Remember that these can be both accurate and inaccurate.

3. Appeasement – You have to write a short essay on this. As you have written a short homework piece on this, you should have materials already. However, the following websites will help;

From BBC bitesize.

From the Spartacus Educational website.

From John D Clare’s website, a former GCSE chief examiner.

4. Treaty of Versailles – You need to be able to explain what happened and what was decided.

Again, if you visit the International Relations page, there are several links and a video clip on the Treaty.

5. You also need to write an essay on either Field Marshall Haig, the causes of the Second World War or the Battle of El Alamein. These have been depth studies during Year 9 so students should have material on them, or know the whereabouts on this blog.

Britain’s greatest foe?

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An article from the Daily Telegraph to help you decide.

The British National Army Museum recently conducted a poll for Britain’s greatest foe. The article above explains the poll and the eventual winner. Do you agree? You may have to research the individuals a little more before casting your vote. Teachers will be asked as well so hopefully, being an international school, we will have a balanced opinion. Feel free to email with suggestions of your own.


…and for Year 13, there is a follow-up article you may know a little about. Ishtehar, I know, is a big fan.

An article from the Daily Telegraph. It suggests an alternative the list given.


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Watch the following four video clips from the Second World War.  For each one answer the following four questions in your exercise books;


1.       Who do you think the video is made by? (small paragraph only as there be more than one answer)


2.       Who is likely to have watched the video? Who is the clip aimed at and why? (between one and two paragraphs)


3.       What in the video can be described as propaganda, (for instance think about how it is filmed, what is being filmed, sound effects and the language used to describe things)? (bullet points required)


4.       Is it biased and if so, which parts? What message is the video trying to put across and why? (there could be more than one message but each one deserves a paragraph of analysis)


You will need to research the events that the video clips mention in order to work out the answers. Feel free to email me if you have any difficulties.


1. London Can Take It



2. Italian Prisoners



3. Fuhrer’s birthday



4. Pearl Harbor Newsreel



Websites such as http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/ and http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/ can be used to research the events.


1. The Blitz on London


2. Campaign in North Africa, (although students should already know this).


3. You have studied Nazi Germany already but you should research what is taking place during the spring of 1944 in order to analyse the clip.


4. Pearl Harbor, December 1941. Bear in mind that America was not involved in the Second World War prior to this event.