Year 11 Revision

Posted: December 18, 2009 in GCSE

You should use the websites I have listed on this blog to revise from. Some of the games are useful but bear in mind that some of the subject content is not relevant to the Edexcel course. The topics you need to revise are as follows;

Paper 1 – 11/01/2010

Stalin’s 5 Year Plans, Stakhanovites, NEP

Purges and Show Trials

NATO, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan and the causes of the Cold War

Events of the Cold War 1945 to 1956

Reagan and Gorbachev

Paper 2 – 17/01/2010

Causes of the Russian Revolution – short and long-term

You will obviously need to brush up on your sourcework so and  are a must. There are two exam papers so a great deal of knowledge is required. I will be running revision classes again on Mondays so those with effort grades of 2 or more are more than welcome.

  1. Kate Jordan says:

    Hi sir, is the second paper just on Russian civil war?

    • adamkg1915 says:

      The 2nd paper is on the Russian Revolution only. There are two questions. There is no mention of Russian Civil War. Emphasis is on source analysis rather than subject content.

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