Why should you choose history?

Posted: December 21, 2009 in AS Level, GCSE, Year 9

History teachers are frequently asked why students should study history. My answer is usually that it is not the subject content that is important but the skills that are developed. Many careers require analytical and argumentative skills. Subjects such as science and history perhaps enable students to develop these skills more than others. The powerpoint below is from an education website and hopefully answers the question above.

Why choose history?

There are other educational institutions which explain, or indeed argue, why students should choose history…

Why choose history? University of Liverpool

Why choose history? Monash University

You can research more institutions in your own time if you feel these do not fully answer your questions. You can also watch the two clips below to gain more understanding. The second one is obviously not about NCBIS but you get the picture!

An interest in history demonstrates to a future employer that you are open-minded, can make decisions based on evidence, and are interested in the world around you. You will also develop transferable skills such as analysis, evaluation, organisation and presentation of information orally and in written form. Careers available when studying history include;

– Law

– Politics

– Journalism

– Publishing

– Business Management

The world already has many superb history teachers but I suppose you could include this exceptional career as well!

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