Year 12

Posted: February 14, 2011 in AS Level

All students will have had an email already explaining what tasks are required. The three were;

1. To what extent did the 1960’s change Britain?
2. Why was Heath unsuccessful in dealing with the industrial unrest?
3. Who had more power in the 1970’s: the Prime Minister or the trade unions?

Students in school this week have been asked to plan answering the essay in the first task. The plan should be one page at least. The second task will involve a great deal of reading and must be completed by Monday 21st February 2011.
In order to complete the third task, students must read everything about the 1970’s. You must concentrate on the economy and explain who had the power to influence government policy. This question should be completed by 4th March 2011.
I must stress that there has not been a question on the 1970’s thus far so I would advise you spend considerable time reading around the subject. I have set two other questions below to enhance your understanding of the decades.

4. Was Britain really the sick man of Europe?
5. Did 1970’s Britain undergo more change then the 1960’s?

The 5th question cannot be attempted until the first is completed. I expect at least one of the above to be completed by 11th March 2011. I would advise that you check this blog regularly as I will endeavor to add more resources and instructions on how to complete the tasks to a high standard.

Leila – click on the AS level link to find instructions about the ‘Rivers of Blood’ essay. It is about halfway down the page.

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