Mr Upton’s work 8FC

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21/11/11 – Homework

  • Read chapter 11 of the handout ‘Oliver Cromwell: dictator?’
  • Answer the following questions in your exercise books;

1. Using Sources A, C and D write down 3 points why you think Cromwell became Lord Protector

2. What image of Cromwell does Source B give you?  Describe in a short paragraph.

3. How does this differ from what Cromwell says in Source D?  Describe in a short paragraph.

4. Using bullet points note down what evidence you can find in sources A-G that people’s ideas about Cromwell changed as time went on.

5. Write a short paragraph describing why you think people’s ideas might have changed.


28/11/11 – Lesson and Homework

  • Read chapter 12 of the handout ‘Cromwell in Ireland’
  • Answer questions 1-2 in your exercise books
  • Create a table in your exercise books similar to the one below.  Note a minimum of 3 points supported with evidence from the handout in each column.


Oliver Cromwell was a hero Oliver Cromwell was a villain
1. 1.


2. 2.






Homework for both weeks will be handed in on Monday 5 December.

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