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By all means add your own but I think the article covers the main defeats..I’m only surprised that Britain lost. I won’t vote myself until I’m over the shock.


Is 2011 similar to 1848?

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Miscellaneous

A long, long time ago at a university far, far away, I came across Eric Hobsbawn. A historian with forthright views on socialism and capitalism. He has just written an article comparing the two years, 1848 and 2011. Well worth a read for budding historians, as events in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia etc. are still fresh in all our minds. I would advise that one reads the wikipedia page on the events of 1848, (yes, I know…I shouldn’t recommend wikipedia but I have done!), if you do not know about them.

1848 from wikipedia.

BBC article from Eric Hobsbawn


Year 10 practice examination

Posted: December 17, 2011 in GCSE

Instructions for my Year 10 class.

You will probably be in the exams room or A04 for your formal assessment. The paper is for 1 hour 15 minutes but you will not have sufficient time during periods 3 and 4. Therefore, I propose that you answer questions 1 to 4 in 51 minutes on Tuesday and complete question 5 in the remaining 24 minutes on Wednesday. Instructions will be given out during the lessons. However, papers must be given back at the end of the first lesson and only question 5 can be answered on Wednesday.

The topic is the Home Front during the Second World War, specifically the evacuation of children. Remember to read the advice given at the bottom of the GCSE Britain page on how to answer questions. Feel free to email me with questions.