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Year 13

Posted: June 4, 2012 in A2

Exam forecast 2012

There are only two previous examination papers so nothing can really be sacrificed, (Ed!). However, Ms. Birch and I have discussed the possibilities for your paper and offered a few suggestions. Good luck to all.





Year 11

Posted: June 4, 2012 in GCSE

For those students wondering what may come up on your examination, read through the following document. Ms. Birch and I recommend that nothing is sacrificed as there is obviously no pattern to what Edexcel include each year. However, we advise that you spend more time on the topic areas in the June 2012 column.

International Relations examination forecast

Best of luck and a reminder that you can do a mock periods 7 and 8 this Wednesday in my room. Year 10 are also preparing for examinations so five of them will be in the classroom. Furthermore, Thursday 14th June is available to you to revise in school. Either Ms. Birch or myself will be available to answer questions and offer guidance.