A2 Germany keywords

Autobahn – German motorway.

Blitzkrieg – Lightning War, the military strategy used by the German armed forces during the Second World War.

Fuhrer – German leader.

Gestapo – the secret police force created in 1933.

Gleichschaltung – the coordination – the bringing into line of different elements of German life.

Kraft durch Freude – Strength through Joy – to permit ordinary workers to gain luxury items and to organise their leisure time.

Kristallnacht – the Night of Broken Glass.

Luftwaffe – German air force.

Operation Hummingbird – the plan to purge the SA leadership.

Promulgate – to issue or to pass into the public domain.

Reichstag – German parliament.

Reichswehr – the German army.

Reichswerke – the state holding company responsible to oversee the German economy and its preparation for the war.

Resistenze – a theory where doing nothing to support the Nazis is considered resistance.

Rote Fahne – the Red Flag, a newspaper of the Communist Party in Germany.

Schutzstaffel – the SS, a paramilitary organisation of the Nazis.

Second Revolution – the implementation of a National Socialist agenda as outlined in the Twenty-Five Points programme of 1920.

Sicherheitsdienst – the SD or intelligence agency of the SS.

Stahhelm – the paramilitary wing of the DNVP.

Wehrmacht – German armed forces.


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