A2 Middle-East Conflict

Middle-East Conflict

This piece of work will form 20% of your overall mark, (the USA course is 30%). It will be internally assessed and later submitted to Edexcel. A quarter of the time allotted to this topic will be taught and the rest is for independent study. The assignment is a single essay in two parts with a maximum of 4000 words for the two parts together. Emphasis is on research, (all materials must be referenced), and the skills required to answer a legitimate historical question.  The questions will be given to you from your teachers although it is possible make changes to something more suitable to yourself.

The first question will involve the analysis of source material. You should critically analyse the sources used,contrasting and comparing wherever relevant. A markscheme will be handed out before you begin your piece.

Gulf War 1990-91 website

Random website

A 5 minute clip explaining the Gulf War

Several clips about the conflict from CBS archive

The conflict from PBS

A detailed site on the Iraq-Iran War. You should be looking towards the end of the page.A lengthy article on Arab nationalism.

A summary of the UN and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The site maybe one-sided but is the information bias?

The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism.

The Rise of Muslim Fundamentalism.

An article on Nasser and the Arabs from a lecturer.

The Rise of Arabism and Minorities in Syria and Lebanon, 1850–1940 from Middle Eastern Studies.

Arab nationalism, radicalism, and the specter of neocolonialism from CBS.

Suez and the high tide of Arab nationalism from International Socialism.

Misunderstanding Arab Nationalism from the Middle East forum.

Gadhaffi’s long journey and the collapse of Arab nationalism from the World Socialist web.

Use of Muslim militancy to defeat Arab nationalism a massive strategic error from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is Al-Jazeera the New Symbol of Arab Nationalism? The inter-press service.

Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategies from National Interest, an American website.

The rise of Al Qaeda and Islamic militancy from Oxford University Press.

Niall Ferguson on Jewish History Review.

A chapter from the book, ‘Gulf War, Overreaction and Excessiveness’.

Al Queda and a reference to Arab Nationalism on Al Jazeera.

Arab Nationalism and its fall from the Daily Star, (the Middle-Eastern version).

British Cabinet papers from 1915 to 1979.

More Cabinet papers.

Important website for contemporary sources.

The Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Council on Foreign Relations magazine – useful US political source.

An essay on Arab Nationalism. Good for ideas only.

Links from the channel 4 series, The Promise.

An article from The Australian in 2009 about Iran and Arab Nationalism.

A Question of Arab Unity.

In 2008 Al-Jazeera televised this 9-part series. It is available on YouTube and a few examples have been included here as a resource for your essay. The guide to the series is available if you click the link below. It would be useful to read the summary of each episode before searching for the programme title on YouTube.

A Question of Arab Unity series guide.


An introduction to Arab Nationalism and Nasser.

Nasser, Arab Nationalism and Sadat.

The war in Afghanistan.


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