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Year 13

Posted: June 4, 2012 in A2

Exam forecast 2012

There are only two previous examination papers so nothing can really be sacrificed, (Ed!). However, Ms. Birch and I have discussed the possibilities for your paper and offered a few suggestions. Good luck to all.





Year 13

Posted: April 6, 2012 in A2

Richard Evans in a spat with an author who has written about Hitler. Arrogance, accuracy or irrelevant? Interesting to read the comments by the Telegraph readers at the bottom of the article. This may give a few ideas for Evans’ reliability.

The argument over Wilson’s Hitler biography.

You may have heard about the infamous clock before but have you thought about what you could learn from it. The U.S. version has many different figures to look at. Debt held from other nations, levels of income tax and the personal debt of each individual are only 3 of the 62 different ‘counts’. It is ideal when studying economics or business but you learn from it for history purposes as well. Managing the economy, taxes and loans etc. are all in the syllabus of history. Year 12 study the British government and America. The economy is key in both courses. Year 10 study Germany, Year 13 America again, Year 11 the Cold War and the USSR and various key stage 3 classes will find references to the economy. You can use the links below to look at the U.S. and U.K. clocks but perhaps you could find your own country as well.

U.K. debt clock

U.S. debt clock