Year 13

Posted: April 6, 2012 in A2

Richard Evans in a spat with an author who has written about Hitler. Arrogance, accuracy or irrelevant? Interesting to read the comments by the Telegraph readers at the bottom of the article. This may give a few ideas for Evans’ reliability.

The argument over Wilson’s Hitler biography.


9LW tasks.

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Year 9

You are to study the Battle of El Alamein and this will be your next assessment. However, all students need to be aware of some of the developments in the Second World War before being taught what happened and why in the battle. The first thing to do is download the document below and complete the exercise. You can cut and paste or write them in your book.

WWII chronology exercise

Secondly, you need to click on the Year 9 page.  Then scroll down until you see North Africa. You need to open the powerpoint entitled, ‘North African Campaign’. It is a long presentation but you only need to use part of it. Only use slides 1 to 17. Using powerpoint, and the section on Tobruk, try to answer the following questions.

1. Why did Italy attack the British in North Africa?

2. What was the DAK?

3. Can you describe the style of fighting in North Africa?

4. When was Tobruk taken by Rommel?

5. Why was Tobruk important?

Try to answer in paragraphs where possible.

Whilst researching and analysing the above, write a list of new words you find. Find out what they mean as they may be repeated when we study the Battle of Alamein.

Any questions, see me or email over the Easter period.

Proof…from the Guardian.

An interesting article from Al-Jazeera.

An interesting analysis of the ‘Arab Spring’ from Robert Fisk, (The Independent).

A random page which may help you decide…

By all means add your own but I think the article covers the main defeats..I’m only surprised that Britain lost. I won’t vote myself until I’m over the shock.

Is 2011 similar to 1848?

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Miscellaneous

A long, long time ago at a university far, far away, I came across Eric Hobsbawn. A historian with forthright views on socialism and capitalism. He has just written an article comparing the two years, 1848 and 2011. Well worth a read for budding historians, as events in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia etc. are still fresh in all our minds. I would advise that one reads the wikipedia page on the events of 1848, (yes, I know…I shouldn’t recommend wikipedia but I have done!), if you do not know about them.

1848 from wikipedia.

BBC article from Eric Hobsbawn